Europeana Research

Explore cultural heritage data for research and apply for our annual Europeana Research Grants Programme

We believe that the digitised content of Europe’s galleries, libraries, archives and museums holds huge potential for digital humanities and social science research.

Europeana Research works to support and encourage researchers to use digital cultural heritage by:

  • Building and promoting collections of data (particularly full text) of specific interest for researchers.
  • Working to mitigate issues of licensing, interoperability and access that can impede the re-use of cultural heritage data in research.
  • Making the link between disparate tools and collections hosted by different institutions.
  • Showing researchers and developers how to access Europeana’s data (eg via our APIs) in order to build specific tools and services.
  • Awarding the annual Europeana Research Grants.

Find out more on Europeana Research’s website and follow Europeana Research on Twitter.