Educational Partnerships

Explore our existing partnerships and collaborate with us

The most effective way for Europeana to reach across the education market in Europe is through collaboration with key intermediaries. These partners have expertise and experience with stakeholders from governmental level to educators at the grassroots, and in all areas in between. Working together helps Europeana connect to a wide educational audience and helps to provide educators across Europe with high quality, educational, cultural heritage content. We will prioritise the following types of partners.

1. Policy-makers

This group includes governmental bodies, such as Directorate-General for Education and Culture and national Ministries of Education, which are involved in designing and promoting educational policies on European and national level. These partners can help enhance the awareness of Europeana as an educational resource and facilitate access to key national educational publishers.

In 2016, Europeana was the guest of honour at the French Ministry of Education's biggest educational summit, Ludovia, joining over 800 educators and policymakers from France. Currently, we are in discussions about a pilot project which aims to create a dedicated Europeana space on their national educational portal, Edutheque.

2. Non-commercial partners

These include educational NGOs and associations. We work together on integrating Europeana Collections in their online portals and reaching educators across Europe.

European Schoolnet (EUN) is a network of 30 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels, Belgium. EUN has integrated Europeana’s content into their Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) portal via our API. Recently, we have worked together to test Europeana’s offer to educators.

EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Teachers, has used the Europeana API to integrate educational Europeana content onto Historiana. This multi-perspective comparative platform offers educators and students historical sources available through the special Europeana Search and Select Tool. The site also features extensive curated collections on historical themes.

3. Commercial partners

We aim to work with educational publishers, learning software providers and content developers. Some can integrate and showcase (curated selections of) Europeana Collections on their digital learning platforms; others can create and publish learning resources with Europeana content (MOOCs, e-books) or develop educational applications and games.

Art Faces - the Italian start-up Art Stories was one of the recipients of the first Europeana Challenge prize, which supported the development of FACES, an educational app for children using Europeana artworks.

Apple - the joint public-private collaboration with Apple through their global ADE in Residence programme resulted in the development of the bilingual Multi-Touch book and an iTunes U course based on Europeana 1914-1918 content.

How do I get involved?

We are actively seeking new partnership opportunities that will increase the use of Europeana’s content in education and raise awareness of Europeana’s educational potential in national or international educational networks. If you fit into one of the partnership categories above and want to work with us, email us. Find out more about the Europeana4Education community and join the conversation on Twitter by using #Europeana4Education.