Cultural heritage has a crucial role to play in education. Although educational curricula and national priorities differ, at the core of our educational systems we share a desire to make available the most interesting and inspiring content for students and lifelong learners. Through its digitized collection of cultural heritage, Europeana’s content can provide multiple perspectives on historical, political, economic, cultural and human developments across Europe and beyond.

Education is Europeana’s top priority reuse market in 2017. In order to best work in this area, we will:

1. Establish and build up relationships with various educational partners to make Europeana content available in more learning environments.

2. Develop the Europeana4Education community, open to everyone with interest and passion for Europeana’s educational offer.

3. Support educators and content developers alike with Europeana educational resources.

4. Promote featured case studies where Europeana content is being used for education.

On the pages below find out who our partners are, explore our services and resources, be inspired by our educational reuse examples and join our Europeana4Education community! Take part in our online conversation by following @EuropeanaEU on Twitter and using #Europeana4Education.