Creative Industries

Find all you need for your creative projects inspired by or using cultural heritage content

Creative industries is our first and most developed re-use market. Since 2011 we have been working with those who have the imagination, skills and desire to play with digital cultural content and use it in their experimental works or sustainable business projects.

We have been exploring the creative potential of Europeana Collections in hackathon roadshows and online challenges across Europe and have been looking for ways to make this creative journey easier and more productive.

As a result, in 2014 we launched Europeana Labs, the go-to-place for culturally minded creative professionals. The website:

  • Provides practical resources to get people using and building with cultural collections as quickly and easily as possible, including openly licensed, thematic data sets and four free APIs
  • Improves access to funding through challenge prizes, match funding calls and investor fora
  • Gives inspiration by showcasing example applications using Europeana API and/or content
  • Invites people to become part of a growing community through blog posts, events and direct support

Explore Europeana Labs and join the Europeana Labs community on Twitter and by subscribing to the Labs newsletter.