About our Network

We work together as a community to shape and promote good practice in the world of digital cultural heritage.

Who we are

The Europeana Network Association represents an active community of individuals interested in digital cultural heritage, who support the values and work of Europeana.

We are the guardians of Europeana Cultural Commons, upholding the principles of mutuality, access, attribution and engagement.

To make our beliefs a reality, we want to build the values of the commons into every aspect of the work Europeana does, including its governance. It is not enough to simply emphasise principles such as trust, reciprocity and collectivity; we must also find practical ways to embed them at every level too.

How we work

The Europeana Network Association elects its Members Council at the annual General Assembly.

Together with the Europeana Foundation, the Members Council decides how Europeana will promote and support digital cultural heritage over the next five years and what its yearly business plan should include. The Members Council also supervises Working Groups and Task Forces which are set up to support the development of the business plan.

We keep the Europeana Network Association up-to-date through our monthly newsletters.

What we stand for

Europeana brings together the organisations that have heritage to share with the people and sectors who want to view, share and build upon that heritage.

We at Europeana believe in creative collaboration and teamwork. We do this by working closely with a broad community of cultural heritage, creative and technology professionals, with the collective goal of making a cultural impact on Europe.