Working Groups

Working Groups are set up to address ongoing activities and issues of continuing relevance within the Europeana Network. There is no limited timeframe for Working Groups; they can remain in existence whilst their purpose is required.

Working Groups are proposed and led by a member of the Members Council.

If there are topics you think should be tackled by a Working Group, please read the Terms of Reference and get in touch with the Councillor who best represents the scope of the issue.

  • Member States

    Welcome to this dedicated area for European Union Member States.

    We share updates about Europeana, best practices and common solutions for common issues within the digital cultural heritage sector. Here you find country reports, user statistics, and links to other areas of Europeana Pro with specific information relevant to Member States.

  • Library Working Group

    The purpose of this Working Group is to address any library related Europeana activities and issues, and to facilitate a continued discussion on topics of relevance to libraries and library professionals represented in Network Association.

  • Europeana Pro Working Group

    This Working Group will identify business needs and priorities with relevant stakeholders/communities, support the development of Europeana Pro accordingly and feedback on site development.

  • #AllezCulture Working Group

    The main objective of this working group is to demonstrate the benefits of Europeana via campaigns, tweets and blogposts to create a buzz around the breadth, depth and diversity of what Europeana contains.

    The #AllezCulture Campaign aims to enhance awareness about Europeana and the cultural riches it opens up access to, and increase support for Europeana.

  • Copyright Policy Working Group

    The aim of this working group is to work together with those actively engaged in copyright and make sure we align everyone’s interests wherever possible.

  • Governance Working Group

    The aim of this working group is to address the governance of the Europeana Network Association and ensure its good and democratic development.

  • International Rights Statement Working Group

    Exploring the potential for a shared space for managing international rights information.

    Copyright is an important topic and enormous challenge for digital library initiatives.The Interntional Rights Statement Working Group is focussing on the specific needs of digital heritage aggregators, such as Europeana and the Digital Public Library of America.

    The purpose of this working group is to explore the feasibility of developing a system of rights statements that can be used by both digital heritage aggregators, and could be opened to similar aggregators.

  • Europeana Art Advisory Board

    We want it to reach everyone interested in engaging with European art in all its facets.

    Our job is to provide counsel and guidance on how to make Europeana Art reach its goals, to invite new partners to share their art collections with Europe’s online users, and to suggest new opportunities and pathways for using and enjoying the collection on the world wide web.

  • Europeana Fashion International Association

    The Europeana Fashion International Association is a non-profit organisation established in order to bring together and engage fashion institutions (both GLAMs - Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums- and creative industries) in the valorisation and exploitation of fashion heritage online.