About Europeana brand values

Learn about the ideas and values behind Europeana's brand and get all the assets.

At Europeana, we are on a mission to transform the world with culture. We want to build on Europe’s rich heritage and make it easier for people to use, whether for work, for learning or just for fun. We believe that doing so unlocks all sorts of economic creative and social possibilities. Two working principles support this belief and are central to our branding and everything we say and do:


We are a partnership of connected organisations, from cultural institutions to commercial software developers. We believe in the power of creative collaboration and teamwork, working towards common goals and for mutual benefit, fostering innovation and new working practices.


We represent organisations that have safeguarded our cultural heritage for hundreds of years. With this in mind, we are committed to ensuring that our digital data is always authentic, trustworthy and robust, that it’s easy to create with and that our partners benefit from sharing it.

Europeana’s brand identity was built five years ago around the concept ‘think culture’. Our strategy for 2015-2020 outlines a shift from ‘thinking’ to ‘transforming’ - making much greater use of our cultural assets and creating new things with them.

We want our brand to reflect this shift.

You can see it in our new ‘ripples’ theme. Widening circles, with their origins in the ‘thought bubbles’ of the logo, give a ripple effect, symbolizing the extent and impact of our actions.

Here’s how the ideas and values behind Europeana's brand work in practice.


We believe in open access and usability, so we have chosen two fonts - Ubuntu and Open Sans - that are freely available online. This means that it’s easy for everyone to keep Europeana’s visual identity consistent.

The third font you will see in Europeana’s visual identity is Chevin. We only use this font for logos.

Images and attribution

Europeana’s collections are its lifeblood, and we love to share them as widely as we can. That’s why we use images available via Europeana in everything we publish. It’s the perfect way to highlight our treasures.

While sharing is important, giving credit where credit is due is crucial too. We never share an image without proper attribution. Please make sure any image or other object you make use of online or in print comes with information about its owner and the copyright licence it is published under. And remember, if you want to use an image that is not openly licensed, you must have permission from the copyright owner.

Tone of voice

As well as a design style, Europeana has an agreed writing style, or tone of voice. Presenting ourselves consistently helps people know and trust us. Even when talking about technical topics, we want to remain clear and straightforward, and avoid complex jargon.

It’s good to show some personality too. We like to talk in an accessible tone of voice that’s inspiring, welcoming, intelligent and relevant to our audience.


We’re an online organisation, so we publish most of our work digitally. When we do choose to print on paper, we are careful to take care of the environment too. Recycled or FSC certified paper helps us do this, and we’d encourage its use wherever possible.