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Aubéry Escande

Aubéry Escande

Projects & Communications Advisor
Network & Sustainability
+31 (0)70 314 0824

Aubéry is responsible for Europeana Network, Event and Sustainability team. He monitors the Network Association development, related events such as the AGM or EU Presidency/Europeana events, and he is responsible for Europeana Pro platform. Aubéry has a poor sense of direction but he can formulate 'where is the cinémathèque?' in plenty of European languages. More about him and his work on LinkedIn.

Speaking at

  • 7 — 8
    09:00 — 17:30

    DISH 2015

    3012 CL Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is the biennial international conference on digital heritage and strategies for heritage institutions. DISH2015 will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The main theme for DISH2015 is Money and Power.

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