Our vision

Introducing the vision and community that make Europeana.

In the future, we hope everyone will have the access they need to the shared heritage that belongs to us all.

Europeana provides a platform that allows you to explore great achievements from the past to achieve great things in the future. We bring together the organisations that have heritage to share with the people and sectors who want to view, share and build with that heritage.

We believe in creative collaboration and teamwork. We can only do all of this if we work closely with a broad community of cultural heritage, creative and technology professionals. We can make an impact because when we are together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

As we advance in technology, embrace new standards and advocate for copyright reform, we can work towards common goals and for mutual benefit. We can help ensure collections stay relevant for the 21st century.

We call this Cultural Innovation. We use it to better society, to enrich people’s lives, and through them, to make a real difference to the world.